Where I’ve been, what I did and my plans this summer


Hello, it’s me. The blogger who’s been absent for nearly two months. I’m baaaacck, quite late because I originally planned to come back right after our last pre-board examination yet we had no internet connection! /indistinct sniffing/

But anyways, I’m back and I probably have some blog ideas in store during those weeks I wasn’t on the internet and basically staring on my reviewers.


university, staring game…

Endless staring game with my reviewers and textbooks. It was a staring game because I don’t think I did an actual review. Shame on me. Welp, it’s done and I am currently hoping for some big miracle.


book buying, wave one

Not book shopping because I bought only ONE. And it was my first hardcover! A Court of Mist and Fury. So my friend and I nearly went to every bookshops to find a copy of King’s Cage until we realized that we went to the same bookshops, just different branches. So, we went to another store and ta-da! I saw a copy of ACOMAF which I’ve been craving since last year since I first read it in e. But it took me almost an hour (and my friend and I were starving then) and I literally kept circling and circling their bookshelves looking for something that might catch my attention. It was really funny because I think the security thought that I was going to steal ACOMAF which I was holding that moment so after paying the book and when we went outside the store to head back to school, I looked at the guard and smiled. But in my mind, I was like BRRUUUHHH!


ktv with squad

I have never been to a KTV before because my family sort of has our own karaoke which we use during family occasions. So, as part of the post-birthday surprise they had last Feb for me and my other friend, we went to a KTV and sang for quite some time. (Really, it was just an hour because some of us had class.)

k-drama is lifeu

I watched K-Dramas. Or, I watched Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and tried watching other shows but I couldn’t. Hahaha! If you haven’t seen this K-Drama yet, I seriously think that you should and you will laugh your way from the first to last episode. You wouldn’t believe it’s all over. And, I currently have my eyes on Strong Woman Do Bong Soo and W – Two Worlds which I watch whenever I feel like there is nothing left for me to do.


beauty and the … beast

After waiting for this movie for nearly two years, it’s finally out. When March started, I couldn’t help but literally blabber about my excitement for Beauty and the Beast most especially when a trailer was shown on TV. So, I watched this movie with my friends and gaah, DAEBAK. IT WAS AWESOME and it was worth the wait. (Although, Emma Watson’s singing was quite disappointing and hey, I’m not a singer so who am I to judge.)

And I just want to mention it: I’m quite in love with Gaston…



book buying, wave two

The night after our last pre-board, I was heartbroken and I literally just wanted to cry my heart out so my phone sat for awhile. When I checked it back, I received a text message saying that my copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses which I reserved nearly four weeks ago. I literally screamed and jumped and kicked my feet so hard I got some great scolding from my mother, father and aunt. Yayayay I was super duper happy.



Beach is cool but I am so broke so instead, here are my plans!

  • Write a book or even just a draft. Because two months is a bit long, ya’know and I get bored sometimes.
  • Reread A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury in preparation of A Court of Wings and Ruin. And I am currently reading ACOTAR! Couldn’t wait for the third book!!!!
  • Binge-watch Game of Thrones. Although I have to be careful watching since my younger cousins love to snoop or take a peak at whatever I was watching on my laptop.
  • Movies here and there. Typical Nessa watching and re-watching movies.
  • Blog more. Because being absent for almost two months is a shame.
  • Read more. I wasn’t just absent in blogging but also in blogging, and I’m already behind my Goodreads goal!



Is it summer in your country yet??? What are your plans???




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