Top 5 Wednesday | I want moreeeee!

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For this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, the topic is the settings we want to see more of — real, fictitious, historical, futuristic or others! Let me share to you mine!

camp half-blood/camp jupiter

Awww. I am in love with the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Series! It’s been almost a year since I finished Blood of Olympus and I just can’t. Honestly, I still haven’t gotten over the book feels and all. And, anything from Rick Riordan written that revolves around these camps would totally please me. Oh feels.

futuristic retellings

Ya’know what I’m talking about, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! These books are helluva awesome and it was (I believe) my first time reading futuristic retellings so I really would love to read more books like these!

books set in uk

My infamous love for things UK! I couldn’t remember the last time I read a book that centers in the places in UK, yet I would really love to read some! Although there was that one book I’ve read that was set in UK (a contemporary), I ended up hating it. Which was by the way sad.


Sword-fighting? YES! You see, I love to watch Game of Thrones and the more I watch it, the more I love sword fighting and all. I find it exciting! And I always loved bows and arrows ever since I watched Narnia.


I want more Narnia simply because I want Susan to come to Narnia with her sister and brothers. I once read that C.S. Lewis was supposed to write something about it but sadly it didn’t happen. Still though, I still want more of Narnia! Movies, maybe?

How about you? What settings do you want to see more of?



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