What makes me want to read a book?

I have always wondered… why do I pick a book? Why do I buy it despite the price? I tried to brainstorm the whys, stared at my bookshelf for a long while, and gathered my top 3 answers.

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They say don’t judge a book by its cover, I say I will! Ever since I started reading, the book’s cover is one of those that attract me, initially. The most common denominator of all the books I owned and read is that they all have beautiful covers. So pleasing, which is why I tend to normally take selfie or shelfies because I just couldn’t resist the covers!

Whenever I go to the book store, it’s the cover I check first, then the price, then the synopsis. It’s almost always been like that and I couldn’t resist not buying a book because of its beautiful cover.

I will judge a book by its cover, but I will never judge a book by its movie. (hopefully)


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This has happened quite a lot of times, like in The Wrath and The Dawn – whose cover I wasn’t particularly a fan of. Also in some other books like Legend, Mara Dyer, Throne of Glass and more. Everybody’s read it and basically talking about it and I’m almost always like WHAT? So, being this little lonely girl that I am, I tried searching about the books, checking for prices and eventually buying and reading it. I feel like I want to be like them, talk about those books like I know it from the inside out. I envy people because they talk about it, like in the discussion posts or simply on a Twitter thread because I have nothing better to say than “that sounds awesome, I want to read it”.


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Don’t get me wrong, oh please. When I started my reading phase, almost all the books I’ve read basically have had a movie adaptation – not to mention that the Narnia MOVIES were the reason I started to read. But it’s become a hobby to read a book whenever I read an article online stating that there will be a movie adaptation of said book. Even if there aren’t any movie adaptations but if the book had been optioned, it makes me want to read it still.

I know reading a book because of its movie adaptation doesn’t really sound good, but it made me discover awesome books like Me Before You and Percy Jackson (I know the PJO movies weren’t that good but the books were absolutely gorgeous).

There you – I! – have it, the reasons which make me want to read a book. How about you, what makes you read a book? Do we have something in common? Let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “What makes me want to read a book?

  1. For me, hype plays a big role in whether I pick up a book and read it. If I see it everywhere on instagram, or if I constantly see it standing out in bookshops, eventually I will crack and read it to see what all the fuss is about. That’s the reason I picked up Throne of Glass, and I’m so glad I did because it’s become one of my favourite series, but I doubt I would have done so purely based on the cover. Great post Nessa 🙂

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