READING SLUMPS – and how I deal with it

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Urban Dictionary defined reading slump as:

               a readers worst nightmare.

              not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.

NORMALLY, I suffer reading slumps. I mean suffer because this is the worst thing that could ever happen, especially when I have nothing else to do but read!

When one reads while he’s on a reading slump, tendency is he wouldn’t understand what he’s reading or worst, he wouldn’t like it! Even if there’s a great chance of liking it when not on a reading slump. Which is so sad.

We all suffer reading slumps, unless you’re a robot. It could happen one way or the other. But! I’m going to share to you how I deal with reading slump.

  1. SLEEP. This is my first alternative. I sleep! I normally sleep when I read on a book and on a slump because a) it dozes me off to sleep and b) I am secretly hoping that it would go away when I wake up. But when it doesn’t go away, I try another way.
  2. BINGE WATCH. Ha, I know. I know! This isn’t very advisable but I normally binge watch when I am in a reading slump because sometimes, it gets me into reading mood depending on the story. It’s also helpful especially when I read a book with movie adaptation.
  3. INTERNET SURFING. Yepp! I do this when I have reading slumps. Although internet sometimes promotes procrastination (because with internet, the possibilities are endless and time flies fast). But what I normally do is read whatever people has to say about the book (like reviews), look at some awesome fanarts or aesthetics, and watch any fanmade book/movie trailer of the book I’m currently reading. I know that every time I do it, I spoil myself some scenes but at least there is something to look forward to!
  4. SLEEP AGAIN. If reading slump still does not go away, I’d rather sleep again and let the book sit for about a few days. It worked out on me well when I was reading Cinder. It was hard getting to it at first but I just slept a lot, with the book beside me. Then, when I finally got into the reading mood, I LOVED THE BOOK. And if I still tried to read it while on reading slump, chances are I wouldn’t have loved it and missed another literary gem.
  5. READ ANOTHER BOOK. Still can’t get on to the reading mood? I put it down and try to pick up another book. Maybe today’s not the day for me to read the book. Or maybe the book really isn’t for me. So why push it? But I put on a mental note to read the book again once I’m finally up for it, and when there will be no other reading slumps to make me not read it.

Reading slumps can happen to anyone at any time, especially after reading a helluva good book. But to me, it’s normally because I love to procrastinate. Whatever  the case is, I think reading slumps should be overcome because if not, in my case, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO ESPECIALLY  WHEN I’VE SET MY SCHEDULE TO READING. JUST READING.

Are you on a reading slump? How do you deal with it?



9 thoughts on “READING SLUMPS – and how I deal with it

  1. Wow, I never noticed how similar our blog themes are.. LOL. Anyways, these are excellent tips. Sometimes it’s better to let reading slumps be and run their course rather than forcing books and maybe missing out on some really good reads. I tend to reread a favorite and I continue to bring a book wherever I go, even if I know I won’t read it (just the sight of a book calms me).

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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