13 reasons why I love “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher (+ a mini-update!)

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Before I go cray-cray on my reasons, let me tell you a kind of a short update.

Why do I seem like a dead person on my birth month? Well. I’ve been quite busy because mock board is about to come! I was supposed to study in preparation of the mock board but I believe I haven’t done any real studying yet.

But anyway, I will be inactive for a few weeks as I try to do my best in studying and not to fail my subjects. I will be back RIGHT AFTER and will read (and review?) as many books as possible. Haha!

Now, on with the reasons…

Some of my friends and classmates have read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. They have different opinions as to how good (or bad) the book is. And when they ask me as to my opinion about the book, my mind normally flows with positive remarks.

Now, on with the reasons. Why do I love Thirteen Reasons Why? Let me list my reasons. My 13 reasons.

**NOTE: The following reasons might contain spoilers. So if you haven’t read the book, consider yourself warned.**

  1. The eeriness of the book.
  3. The concept. I found it unique because when I first read the book, it’s the first time I bumped into something like that. Whenever I reread it, it never gets old.
  4. The tapes. It feels vintage!
  5. The map. I would love to follow the directions the voice of a dead girl tells me, one day. OF COURSE I’M KIDDING.
  6. Clay Jensen. Oh, DUH.
  7. Easy to devour. Not that I literally ate the book but reading it was so easy I could read it for only a few days.
  8. High school drama. I mean duh, I kinda hate high school dramas. “OMG my boyfriend left me.”; “OMG I have no friends.” but Thirteen Reasons Why pulled it in a really impressing way (the kind that impressed me).
  9. The ending. My friends and classmates and I who have read the book really wanted more after that ending but I love it because it made one think what might really happen. There are so much possibilities and one could actually write a fanfiction about those possibilities.
  10. The way Jay Asher discovered how to write the book (or something like that). I mean, SO COOL.
  11. The cover. That shouldn’t be forgotten. Oh, boy. /heart eye emojis/
  12. I can feel Hannah’s pain. And books are better when one can connect to the character. AND I COULD JUST FEEL HER IN EVERY BITS OF ME. MY DEAR HANNAH BAKER!
  13. It saved me. When I first read the book, I was kinda in a depression. Obviously, I cried a lot when I first read it (still teary-eyed everytime I reread it!). Unlike others who were depressed and read this book, it saved me. I saw a light of hope after reading the book. I don’t know exactly why but it did. So the me today has got to give this book credits.

Rereading Thirteen Reasons Why has been a hobby to celebrate my anniversary of reading it. Sure, it gets boring because I already know what’s bound to happen and I don’t have the same emotions I felt the first time reading it but when I get to my favorite part (HA! Not gonna tell you what’s my favorite part), the emotions are really overflowing and uncontrollable. I feel really alive and saved. All thanks to this book.


How about you? Have you read THIRTEEN REASONS WHY? What did you think about the book?



5 thoughts on “13 reasons why I love “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher (+ a mini-update!)

  1. I love 13 Reasons Why! I read it in one night when I was in high school, and it just felt really important for a kind of inexplicable reason. So it holds a special little place in my heart. I know how you feel!

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