Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Title: Never Never (Never Never #1)
Author: Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher
Format: eBook
Release Date: January 7, 2015 by Smashwords

Synopsis: Just remember.

Charlie and Silas,
If you don’t know why you’re reading this, then you’ve forgotten everything. You recognize no one, not even yourselves.

Best friends since they could walk.
In love since they were fourteen.
Complete strangers since this morning.

He’ll do anything to remember.
She’ll do anything to forget.

(taken from goodreads)


What the hell did I just read? Why did it have to end like that?

Tbh, I have no problem with books that ends with cliffhangers — not until I read this one. I was just enjoying the last parts because finally, I’m getting what’s happened! And then there’s this to be continued… which totally wrecked me. How am I supposed to have a good night’s sleep when I want to know more, read more?

Although confusing, I liked its mystery thingy because it made the book (is it really a book, though) bit more interesting. When I picked up the book to start reading it, I thought I would love it but probably not. The main characters had no idea who they are, what they looked like, but could remember some insignificant things that does not help them in knowing who they are (like how a jellyfish looks like or the song lyrics).

It’s quite disturbing that they were cheating but when one knew the other is cheating, I didn’t feel any of their emotion (I’m guessing though that there weren’t that much emotion since they’re oblivious about stuff). So, I totally disliked these parts.

Overall, I could not say that it’s a good or bad book. I didn’t like it though, but there’s 2 books coming up so sign me up! I’m so curious to know what’s with the letters and what’ll happen to Charlie and Silas.

I hope that when I read the next book, it wouldn’t leave me the way this one did. It just seems to me that this is an advertisement for the next one.




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