Easy A


Title: Easy A
Starring: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley
Directed by: Will Gluck
Release Date: September 17, 2010 (USA)
Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: A clean-cut high school student relies on the school’s rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

(taken from imdb)


I had seen this movie a lot of times already but it never fails to amaze me and still make me cry. Emma Stone is a really good actress. Emma portraying Olive Penderghast seemed effortless and very realistic. Her lines were very amazing and I liked how Emma delivered it, it’s like it’s the Emma way.

I really liked Olive Penderghast’s personality. She’s a funny person, kind actually and was very close to her parents. She just lied a lot about losing her virginity and so… The lies spread out. I think it’s sad that her bestfriend didn’t believe her when Olive told her that George and her date was just something that’s made up. How can she be Olive’s best friend? Not that that’s the only sad thing in Olive’s life. Guys at school paid her for a made up sex but no one asked her for an actual date. Okay, well, someone did but it ended badly. Nevertheless, Olive is still lucky because she has her parents and they’re on her side no matter what. They’re proud of her no matter; I guess that’s all that matters.

Ironically, the girls who belong to the “Jesus Club” looked a lot more of a slut than Olive Penderghast is. They wore mini-skirts and short shorts and talk like, well, some bitch. She acts like she’s holy but she really isn’t. I hate Marianne! She was the one who started spreading the rumors about Olive. How does she even claim to be a servant of God when she acts like that. Their Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Griffith, didn’t even make things better. In fact, she made everything worst. She’s the freaking Guidance Counselor! She’s supposed to help Olive, not add her burdens, her troubles! Olive’s life was a mess because of the rumor she started but was spread by Marianne.

The way the movie ended was fantastic and, I cried too. Who wouldn’t? I mean, I don’t know it was very touching. It was a really really nice ending. At least Olive got something to be happy about, after all the troubles that happened.

Overall, I love the movie. It never failed to amuse me. From the setting to the actors to their lines, it was simply amazing. I don’t care if they said shit a lot. Thing is, I found a very little connection to Olive Penderghast which probably is the reason why I died a little during the last 30 mins. of the movie. A highly recommended movie for everyone! Okay, that everyone excludes kids because of some scenes and its language but duh, you should definitely watch it!




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