Movie Review || Insurgent

insurgent_movie_poster_3Title: Insurgent
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet
Directed by: Robert Schwentke
Release Date: March 20, 2015 (USA)
Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

(taken from imdb)

my thoughts

The movie started with Jeanine Matthews talking about how Divergents destroyed their society. Everything is just very ruined in Abnegation. They found a box inside the Prior’s house which contains a message from the founders that could only be opened by a Divergent.

I can’t really say if Insurgent is a really wonderful and powerful movie. Throughout the film, I had a hard time processing what’s happening not because it’s full of fights but because something feels wrong. But, I could say that the movie is really good and that I should have watched it in 3D because the effects will surely be awesome! When Shailene Woodley cut her hair in the movie, it kind of disturbed me because she looks like Hazel Grace Lancaster, not Beatrice Prior. Apart from that, I have no bother issues with how the characters looked like.

The movie may seem very serious because we’re talking about the fights and wars here but there are really parts where I found very funny. For example, Caleb running after the train with Tris and Tobias/Four, and Peter. Peter Hayes is just simply funny throughout the movie. Miles Teller did well in playing Peter’s role. Peter may seem a traitor but at least, he did something to save Tris’ life, unlike Caleb who is very much loyal to the “Faction Before Blood” system. He was more than willing to give up his family, his remaining family, for his faction. Peter is a lot more likable than Caleb. Really.

The way the movie ended made me feel disappointed. I expected everyone who watched the movie to be left hanging, but no. I am very specific to the ending of a movie because that’s what is usually left in the mind of its audience. Insurgent seemed like the last movie and that it didn’t have a next one coming. Peace was sort of restored because of the founder’s message.

Overall, I liked the movie but I’m still looking forward for more. It seemed to me like it lacked something I cannot point out. The story line seemed very fast-forward, but the visual effects were just great. It made me feel very eager to watch it in 3D.



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