Movie Review || The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Curious_case_of_benjamin_button_ver3Title: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett
Directed by: David Fincher
Release Date: December 25, 2008 (USA)
Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a story of a man with a rare condition — he was growing backwards. Benjamin was born old, and so his father left him outside a Home for the Aged (ironically). The story follows Benjamin Button’s life from the day he was born until the day he stopped breathing.

(taken from imdb)

my thoughts

This movie is very sad and moving. I was crying all throughout the movie, very hard. Benjamin Button’s life cycle is in reverse. He was born an old baby. His father left him to a Home for the Aged, good thing though because he was about to kill his son. Benjamin’s father, Thomas, said himself that he thought his son was a monster. Benjamin was lucky enough to be adopted by a woman who was very kind to be his mother despite his condition.

It was very sad that while Benjamin was growing up, he has seen the people around him done. Of course, he lives in a Home for the Aged, packed with grandmothers and grandfathers. Some people were even judging him, because of his condition. But I thought of him as a special one. Benjamin has met many friends, most of which just come and go. While the people around him grew older, he looked younger as years passed. I love how her foster mother treated him. She treated him like he was her own son. She is very fond of him.

Despite Benjamin’s condition, he met a wonderful girl whom he loved and had a child. At first, I wasn’t sure why he was afraid of having a child. But then, I thought maybe it was because of his fear that his child would be like him, or that his child would grow up without a father whose life cycle is normal. Benjamin and Daisy’s relationship, as the story comes forth, was true. They really love each other. After their daughter celebrated her 1st birthday, he left, although I know he didn’t want to. He just wants his daughter to have a paternal figure. He left his money to his wife and daughter, to suffice their living. I was crying already at that time. He was selfless because he was willing to let his wife find another man, but at the same time, selfish. He wanted to face the problem alone, even if Daisy was willing to be of much help.

The saddest part of the film (although the whole film was a really sad one), was when Benjamin’s mother – Queenie died. It was really sad, because she was the one who raised Benjamin. It hurts me, I just wonder how much it hurt Benjamin.

The way The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ended was truly heartbreaking. He died as a baby, in the arms of the old Daisy. She saw him die. It wasn’t all cliché; it was a one of a kind movie. I never cried this hard over a movie. I love the way it was done – a truly magnificent film.  I have learned a lot of things throughout the movie, most of which I would like to keep to myself.



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