ITAEWON: My First Korean Dining Experience

ITAEWON at night. Photo credits to their Facebook page.
 Itaewon is a Korean Restaurant located at McArthur High Way, fronting MTS and beside Ateneo De Davao Basic Education and High School Department.

My cousin and I originally planned to dine at Itaewon on the weekend after my birthday. However we were both busy so we decided to move it to today. It was allworth the wait. The foods are so great. We were so full! I didn’t even eat my dinner because we ate a lot like it’s enough for us to hibernate.

We were the ones who were to cook the food we’ll eat so we stayed at the Resto for about two hours. My cousin, Jhondale, did all the cooking for the first two plates we ordered and I what I did most was eating.

My cousin trying to cook our food!
Our table is pretty messy 🙂
Two plates were served, cooked, and eaten. We decided to order our last plate because two plates seemed not enough (I didn’t eat lunch, and sure he didn’t). We ordered our last and final plate. AND, I was the one who did the cooking and frying of the meat!


Of course, even if I am too lazy to cook, I have to experience this one. It’s not everyday a Korean food is served on the table! I was also happy because I cooked it well. It was delicious!! REALLY DELICIOUS!!

Overall, I think Itaewon is a great restaurant. The food is good, the place is fine. Although the staffs were kind of hard to approach but it wasn’t really that bad. The price isn’t very expensive. Too bad we didn’t order soju but it was okay.

If you want to try Korean delicacies, try going to Itaewon. Surely, you won’t regret it (I’m still very full while writing this one).


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