The 100 by Kass Morgan


Title: The 100 (The Hundred, #1)
Author: Kass Morgan
Format: Paperback, 323 pages
Release Date: August 2013 by Little, Brown and Company
Source: Bought

 Synopsis: It’s been centuries since human race left Earth due to its radiation. Since then, humans lived in spaceships. In order to maintain their survival in space, they set up rules everyone must follow. Once found guilty, you will be sent to the execution chamber, die, and have your lifeless body floating in the space.

A hundred delinquents were sent to Earth to find out whether it’s safe to live there or not. The novel is centered to four characters —- Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, and Glass.
(taken from goodreads)


Clarke (from The 100 TV Show)


Daughter of the two of Colony’s most famous scientist. She used to date Wells but not after he broke his promise to Clarke and told his father (the Chancellor) her secret. She was arrested for treason but luckily (or maybe unluckily), been chosen to one of the hundred to be sent to Earth for a mission along with 99 other delinquents.

Bellamy (from The 100 TV Show)


Bellamy isn’t a delinquent, her sister is though. Due to his love for his sister, Octavia, he hostaged the Chancellor and unintentionally shot him. Bellamy climbed to the drop ship then and is finally reunited to his sister. What he did truly was brave and maybe heroic at some point but what bothered him is that if they survived Earth, and the Colony will follow them there, is that they’ll kill him after what he’s done to the Chancellor.

Wells (from The 100 TV Show)


Wells is the Chancellor’s son and is in love with Clarke. He was confined due to his own will as soon as he knew about the Earth mission. He wanted to be there to protect Clarke although Wells know that Clarke is still very mad at him after what he did to her parents and to her as well. But, Wells is willing to do everything so that Clarke will forgive him and win her heart again.

GLASS (sadly she wasn’t part of the show and I can’t think of someone appropriate for the role)

Glass is Wells’ best friend. She is a delinquent but managed to escaped during the hostage taking scene between the Chancellor and Bellamy. With the Chancellor in the hospital, Glass was pardoned by Vice Chancellor Rhodes who was in charge. She regained her freedom and she can finally meet Luke, the love of her life. She will do everything just to make sure that Luke is safe even if it meant hurting (and killing) other people. However, her freedom will be granted final once the Chancellor dies or survives but will also grant her pardon.

Overall, I kind of liked the novel and I would give it a rate of 3/5. Why? First, the beginning of the novel seemed boring to me but as I go deeper into the story, I found it interesting. But, I was a little disappointed as to how The 100 ended. Then, the switching of view points per chapter made it a little bit confusing. I loved the flashbacks because it brings me deeper into their story although at first I wasn’t sure if it really were flashbacks. I just feel sad that Clarke lost the people she loved —- her mother, father, Lilly, and Thalia. There were too many ghosts haunting her and it’s a lot of burden overall. I also hated Graham because it seems like he thinks he is “superior” with all his “rules” that nearly killed Octavia if Wells haven’t stepped in. And lastly, speaking of Octavia, I liked her character so much but not until I knew that she stole the medicines and she became a sort of drug addict.

I would gladly read the next book, The Hundred: Day 21, as soon as I have a copy of my own. I am looking forward to the hundred (or the less than hundred) after knowing that some people never left Earth. Above all, I can’t wait to find out where Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship lead to although in the book, there wasn’t much of romance between them. But yes, they kissed. They kissed.

3 stars



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