REUNITED: A Saturday Bonding With High School Friends

Since we are already in college, and some of us are working, we rarely see each other in a year. So, we grabbed the opportunity of seeing each other during the semestral break. Lea, our class secretary, was the one who initiated a small gathering. Orland also conveyed message to us with regards to the gathering.



It was later moved to Friday, October 24 at Yuhico Orchid Garden. However, only few people showed interest in the gathering and as a result, we weren’t able to have one. On October 24, my best friend Leonah visited went to our house as she was to return my book Anna and the French Kiss and to borrow The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and Lola and the Boy Next Door. We had our Teen Wolf marathon because we were bored and since the plan which was to go to Yuhico was cancelled.


Later that day, Lea texted me that we’ll be meeting tomorrow at her house, along with other select friends to make up for the small gathering which was cancelled. She said that we’ll have movie marathon but we’ll be the one to bring DVDs. I was actually doubting because Leonah wasn’t sure but eventually, I went. Without Leonah and Nicel, who are my best friends.

On October 25th, I was the one who first came to Greenhills and since I do not know where Lea’s house is, I had to wait for Spencer.


Spencer came 15-20 minutes later. He brought 2 chicharons and I brought nothing! I felt kinda shy because I went to a friend’s house without bringing any foods while others did but later on, I realized it’ll be fine.

On our way to Lea’s house, we had an adventure! The place was so different compared to what it was years ago so I thought we were lost. It was very muddy and Lea’s advise to wear slippers was accurate. Spencer even thought that if someone sees us, we might be charged of trespassing. I laughed but replied that I won’t be going to jail anyway since I’m not yet 18. After our so called adventure, we saw Pearly and realized we were on the right path.

This is part of the adventure we’ve been through to get to Lea’s house.
Originally, the plan was 1PM but since we’re very Filipino-like, we were settled by 3PM. The ones who went were: Me, Spencer, Sheryl, Jenny, Mara, Orland, and Lea (of course). We were supposed to have movie marathon but since Sheryl brought a cd which contains videos when we were 4th year, we ended up watching it. We were laughing very hard, reminiscing about those days. Time went so fast and it was time for Jenny to go home. We walked her since it was already getting dark and also took some photos too!

Here are some of the photos we took:

MY FAVORITE PHOTO (I took it by the way)
I’m the one at the left most corner and I suddenly realized how fat I am.
Spencer took this photo.
I forgot who took this photo of Spencer but I love this!
Orland, Me, and Spencer ♥
Our dirty feet after a muddy adventure! Whose feet is which? 🙂
Pearly treated us fried isaw on our way back to Lea’s house 🙂
It surely was a muddy adventure! My slipper was in fact destroyed and I almost fell because I was running! Clumsy me. Good thing was, when we came back to Lea’s house, we ate Pearly’s cake! It was undeniably delicious. We probably ate it for about 5 minutes. Haha! It was sweet, but not the sweet type that gives sore.
Us devouring Pearly’s cake! From our looks, we surely loved it! ♥
We’ve had few talks after eating the cake. We surely had a lot of fun because time flew so fast we were to go home. BUT! Lea’s mom and her accommodated us ’til dinner time.
We were kind of shy but it’s a bad attitude if we regret the food which is a blessing. So, we ate! 🙂

After eating dinner, we’ve had few chitchats about our college, and our grades. We even took a peek of me, Sheryl, and Lea’s grades. I’m not really proud of mine, to be honest. By 9PM, we parted ways but before that, we took a groufie. 

(From left to right) Spencer, Sheryl, Mara, Pearly, Lea, Orland, Me.

Truly, high school is unforgettable and high school friends are awesome! They are worth treasuring and it’s your bad if you don’t!

I am looking forward to more simple gatherings like this with my high school friends! And I am more looking forward to having been there with all of my high school friends. Lots of love, guys!


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